Consultation and Services

Our goal is to make ABA as affordable for families as possible, while maintaining the highest of standards in programming for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Each of our services is priced individually in the event that a family does not need every service we offer.

Initial Consultation

  • Observation of the child
  • Review of relevant information (reports, IEP's, assessments, etc)
  • Discussion of possible interventions
  • Overview of program

Assessment (Initial and on-going)

  • Working Session with Child
  • Present Levels
  • Recommendations for Programming

Program Development

  • Review and analyze information regarding the child gleaned from the worksession, parent checklist, IEP's, etc.
  • Develop Program Book


  • Program training (parents, therapists, speech and language, occupational therapists, etc.)
  • Orientation to program (basic philosophy)
  • Components of program
  • Reinforcement
  • Prompting system
  • Data collection

Hands on Training Session

  • Therapists and parents do drills and receive feedback

Observation Training Session

  • Individual therapists ovserved and received feedback

Video Feedback

  • Watching and giving written feedback to therapists and families
  • 3-4 hours of video

Team Meetings

  • Therapists, parents, consultant meet to discuss program; fine tune/modify as required


  • Team of 1-4
  • Place advertisement for therapists
  • Pre-screen all potential candidates
  • Preliminary interviews of potential candidates
  • Reference checks on each candidate
  • Forward potential candidates to parents

IEP Development (Assessment Required)

  • Review of proposed objectives and goals
  • Develop objectives and goals

Potty Training

  • Intensive Potty Training

IEP Attendance


  • Supplies are agreed based on the program; where obtained by consultant, supplies are charged with minimal service fee

Other Services

  • All other services provided at the Consultant's hourly rate